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Dental Crowns in Northfields

At Dental Beauty, we we offer a range of replacement or reinforcing tooth options, including dental crowns.


Dental crowns are protective caps that wrap around the whole tooth. They are only really used to replace old crowns or restore heavily decayed teeth. Our team are highly trained to ensure the final aesthetic appearance of the crown will seamlessly match to the adjacent natural teeth.


Due to advancements in technology, our dentists will almost always use all porcelain crowns. Our dentists have had extensive post-graduate training in cosmetic dentistry, including restoring teeth with all porcelain restorations, so you know you will get a long lasting, natural looking crown.

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    Dental Crowns FAQs

    How long do crowns last?

    The lifespan of a crown depends on how well it is looked after.  While the crown itself cannot decay, the edge where the crown joins the tooth can.  By keeping this area clean and practicing good oral hygiene you can prolong the lifespan of your dental crown.


    Crowns are very strong and usually last over 10 years as long as they are placed with careful planning and maintained well by the patient. Generally after many years, crowns tend to lose their lustre and may need to be placed due to aesthetics reasons.

    How is the shade matched?

    Black margins are a common aesthetic problem when crowns made of metal underneath ceramic are used. As Our dentists will almost always use all ceramic crowns, this problem will not occur, and the entire tooth will be hidden under your beautiful new crown.

    What is the clinical procedure?

    After a careful clinical examination and once the gap has fully formed, our dentist will very conservatively prepare the adjacent tooth and take all the necessary photographs and possibly ask our expert ceramist to attend this appointment to ensure a perfect shade match. After this first appointment a temporary bridge will be fitted, then a week later the final bridge is fitted onto the adjacent tooth.

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