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Smile Makeover Open Day in Northfields

Saturday 11th June 2022

Did you know that a beautiful smile is the foundation of your own self confidence?


Dental Beauty Northfields is delighted to welcome you to our upcoming Smile Makeover Open Day on the 11th June 2022.


The day will consist of smile evaluations where the Dental Beauty Northfields team will be talking all things cosmetic at the practice. Our treatment coordinator will also be available to discuss any concerns you may have about Invisalign, Composite Bonding and Teeth Whitening treatments.


Invisalign teeth straightening systems use almost invisible clear aligners to gently move your teeth into a better, more aligned position, resulting in a straighter smile and this Open Day gives a unique chance to find out information about the teeth straightening treatment from a trained dentist.


The open day is FREE but you must book your slot and pay a £30 deposit which is refundable if you choose not to proceed with your Invisalign treatment. We have limited spaces available therefore appointments are on a first-come-first-served basis.


For those attending you will further detailed information to take away with you about our Cosmetic Dental treatments.


Book your slot with our Cosmetic Dentists and see how you could achieve a beautiful smile with a Smile Makeover at Dental Beauty Northfields.


WORTH £500


WORTH £200


WORTH £399





Free Hygiene worth £75
Free Oral B Electric Toothbrush worth £299
Includes Composite Bonding on 6 teeth

Request your Smile Makeover Appointment


Book a slot with our dentist where you can find out more about our Cosmetic Dental treatments and how Invisalign could help you achieve a straighter smile. You will also be able to discuss payment plans and finance options that we offer.


If you decide to go forward with the treatment you will benefit from a range of special offers including free teeth whitening, a free digital smile simulation with our ITERO 3D scanner and free retainers.


To book your slot, call us today on 0208 840 4999 or complete the online form and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange a suitable time.


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    How Invisalign Works

    STEP 1

    Initial Consultation

    At the initial consultation you will meet with our dentist to assess your suitability for clear aligner treatment and answer any questions you may have. We will take impressions and photographs of your teeth to establish whether the treatment is right for you.

    STEP 3

    Aligners are Created

    Once you are happy with your treatment plan, a series of custom aligners will be made, these are personalised to your teeth. Each aligner is slightly different, moving your teeth gradually in the desired position. You will wear your aligners all the time apart from eating and cleaning.

    STEP 2

    Treatment Plan

    Once you are onboard, your dentist will take you through the detailed treatment plan. Using an ClinCheck® treatment software, we will be able to produce a 3d simulation of the teeth straightening results before your treatment has even begun.

    STEP 4

    Follow Up

    We will see you every 4-6 weeks in the practice to monitor the movement of your teeth until they have reached the desired position. On average this  6-12 months. After treatment, you will get a retainer to keep teeth in the correct position.

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      I agree to Dental Beauty using my personal data to keep me informed about other relevant offers and initiatives that may be of interest.

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