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Teeth Whitening in Northfields, West London

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive treatment for anyone over the age of 18 who wants their smile to look whiter and youthful again.


Our dentists will provide you with a kit of special whitening gel to use at home. This gel removes all the staining particles from the top surface of your the teeth which has been built up over many years. The final result is white, youthful looking teeth! The procedure is very simple; our qualified dentist will make you custom fitting home whitening trays, after you receive these, a full kit of whitening gel will be provided. A small amount of gel is placed in the whitening trays every night and worn nightly for a few weeks. The beauty of home whitening is you can stop at the shade you want whenever you are happy.

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    Teeth Whitening FAQs

    How much does teeth whitening cost?

    This £400 Teeth Whitening Treatment Includes:


    1. Smile Consultation
    2. Custom Whitening Trays
    3. 4 Syringes of Whitening Gel
    4. Follow up appointment

    Will teeth whitening damage my teeth?

    No, home whitening using very low levels of whitening gel is a non-invasive and safe treatment. In fact, 3 weeks of home whitening does the same amount of ‘damage’ to enamel as drinking 1 can of coke!

    Does teeth whitening hurt?

    Mild sensitivity is normal with whitening, simply because as you remove the staining particles you expose small pores in the tooth which forms a pathway for cold stimuli directly to the middle of teeth causing that short sharp sensitivity pain

    Do I need to change what I eat/drink?

    Some food and drinks, such as coffee and red wine, are more likely to stain teeth. You may want to reduce your intake of these in order to make your whitening results last longer.

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